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Associating with an Immigration Attorney
on a Case-by-Case Basis

It's your client. You want to provide the best possible service.

The laws regulating immigration are changing rapidly. It's difficult for a general practitioner to keep current on the weekly interpretations and changes in immigration forms, procedures and policies.

Has this happened to you?

A. The vice president of your biggest client calls and asks how difficult it would be to bring a friend of the family to the U.S. to study or work. Can the plane tickets be bought today?

B. A Human Resources manager calls to inquire what she should do, the INS is going to conduct an I-9 "review" in 48 hours. How should she prepare?

C. You represent an individual in a criminal case. While thinking about his/her best defense, you also want to balance the immigration consequences of certain criminal convictions. What would happen when he/she will be convicted of a misdemeanor ?

D. A local farmer calls and informs you that his key employee has just been picked up by the INS along with 5 other field hands. Where are they being held? What can be done?

E. You represent one party to a divorce and have just learned that one of the parties is not a citizen of the U.S. What effect will a final decree have on him/her keeping his/her green card?

F. You represent an individual in a personal injury case and he calls to let you know that he just got a letter from the INS telling him to leave in 30 days and he won't be available for trial. What should he do?

G. Your neighbor's au pair has just been taken to the INS for questioning. The neighbors knew that she only had a visitor's visa. What employer sanctions are they facing?

These are examples of reasons that other attorneys have turned to Capriotti & Associates for immigration counsel. Since 1979, I have been working closely with law firms worldwide. Should the client you refer to us have a non-immigration question, we refer the client back to your office for assistance.

Levels of service available:

Direct Referral.

The client is referred directly to our offices for independent handling.

Of Counsel - Mentor Program.

If you are interested in learning more about immigration and wish to be the primary attorney, we can associate with you on the case. We would provide procedural guidance, legal strategy and review forms to verify they meet INS requirements. In matters of expected criminal convictions, we also prepare individual opinion letters, explaining the potential immigration consequences for your client, before you plead them out. ( see also our page on Immigration Consequences of Crimes )

Legal Research.

Our CD-ROM and on-line computer links give us immediate access to current immigration law and procedures. When a case is assigned, your researcher will start with our I*R*I*S CD-ROM (Immigration Research Information System) and then call the AILA InfoNet, a private internet law library, available only to members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Depending on case load, we are sometimes able to answer your questions in less than an hour.

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