Fiancés and Fiancees

The K-Visa, what is it?

The K-visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows the fiancé(e) of an U.S. citizen, who is outside the U.S., to enter the U.S. The alien fiancé(e) receives K-1 status, and any alien minor children accompanying or following to join receive K-2 status.

Note: After the marriage the alien spouse should apply promptly to the INS for permanent residence, using Form I-485.

Benefits of an K-Visa

K-Visa Requirements

Forms and Documents Checklist



No Adjustment or Change of Status

An alien admitted under subsection K may not

The permanent residence that results from an adjustment of status to that of permanent resident on the basis of marriage will be conditional under IMFA (Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments). The IMFA conditions apply only to a permanent resident status that results from a marriage that is less than two years old.

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